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Our Trusted Process

CUSTOM CAD FILES: Weinig can scan, import and create a custom CAD file based on your profile sample or sketch. We are also able to modify existing profiles, as shown in the Weinig Profile Catalog.

TEMPLATES: Acrylic Templates are made on a CNC machine and usually ship the same day. Steel templates are also available. These are produced on a wire EDM machine and are extremely accurate.

PRE-HOGGED HSS KNIVES: We offer five grades of High Speed Steel (HSS).These are cut cool and precise on our customized water jet with an additional .050” of material at the profile and angle cut to reduce grinding time, with a standard lead time of 1-2 days. We will be glad to explain how utilizing this service can save you time and money.

FINISH GROUND KNIVES: In addition to the five grades of High Speed Steel, our finish ground knives are also available in two types of carbide (Double Back and TCT). The standard lead time is 3 days.

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