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S4S with ease on the Cube Plus. This safe and  simple design comes with all the reliability you expect from a Weinig.
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Whether on site or online – we are happy to present the Cube Plus in more detail. Visit one of our demonstration centers near you, we look forward to showing you our products live and in action.



The Cube Plus' compact footprint is a distinct advantage in smaller shops or larger ones where available space is limited. At a length of only 150" and a height of 66", this machine can also be easily moved with a pallet jack.

The Cube's design also allows combines all dust extraction hoses inside of the machine therefore only requiring a single 10" dust extraction hook up.

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The Cube Plus has an exciting new option: an auto-positioning left spindle. When activated, a photo eye senses where the edge of the board is and positions the left spindle in order to take off a pre-defined amount of material. 

This brings even more ease of operation when shops are planing a variety of widths and cannot take the time to determine the exact value prior to planing a piece.

Advantages of the WEINIG Cube Plus

Simple, Safe, and Efficient.

Ease of Operation


The Cube Plus is the easiest planer to operate in the world. The machine is controlled via a 10" touchscreen with big buttons at the machine infeed, which is easily readable and intuitive to operate. Simply enter the desired finished dimensions of the workpiece and the chip removal the straightening of the bottom side and of the right side. The spindles, infeed table and guiding fences are positioned automatically.


Visual Cutting Guide Prior to Machining

The Cube Plus includes a special technical feature that allows the operator to evaluate the finished workpiece before machining. A laser system projects the positions of the spindles onto the workpiece on the infeed table. As a result, the operator can immediately visualize the extent of the chip removal on all four sides and can make corrections. This prevents errors and increases safety.

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Ability to Handle a Range of Sizes


The Cube Plus allows you to plane an enormous range of dimensions – from the small strip to the large beam. You can also use the Cube Plus for even smaller dimensions, with working heights from 5 mm and working widths from 15 mm. In this case, planing is performed in 2 steps to avoid "snipes" and "dips". Firstly, the workpiece is pre-planed with an allowance of 1.5 mm before being planed with the finished dimensions.

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EasyLock Knife Change System


The WEINIG EasyLock system simplifies knife changes. Only the knife itself is changed, while the cutterhead always remains on the shaft, meaning that no adjustments are necessary. This minimizes downtimes and prevents setup errors. You have never changed knives so easily. The Cube Plus can be outfitted to accept spiral cutterheads as well. 

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Automatic Stacker Option

The automatic stacker adds another dimension to the Cube Plus: outfeed automation. The automatic stacker enables one-man operation, as the finished workpieces are stacked on top of each other at the machine outfeed. The stacker cycles downwards according to the part thickness and the machine control at the infeed indicates how many parts can still be produced. This guarantees absolute process reliability. The automatic stacker is an optional add-on to the machine.

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