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The Pioneer of WEINIG Equipment in North America Continues to Grow and Expand

HILAND WOOD PRODUCTS Levels Up with the NEW VarioSplit 900


With 30 Weinig machines in 35 years, Hiland Wood Products owner Ivan Schrock built his woodworking business into THE Ultimate Production Floor in Ohio when it comes to high-quality solid wood products.

In 1999, Ivan Schrock bought the very first Raimann rip saw in the U.S. at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, a KR 310 E. His choice obviously proved to be a good one. Since then, he has continuously expanded his equipment with woodworking technology from the Weinig Group. Now, he uses over 30 Weinig machines, including models such as the OptiCut, Powermat, ProfiRip, Rondamat, Unimat, VarioRip, and coming in July a VarioSplit 900 Resaw Band Saw.

The current responsible Raimann representative, Veit Grünberg, remembers his first trip to Hiland: "It was my first business trip to the USA when they took me to Hiland Wood Products. Since then, together with WEINIG USA, we have accompanied the development of this flagship company with our wood technology know-how in close cooperation with the Sales Manager Travis Richardson and our dealer in the area, Scarlett Machinery Inc.."

Hiland specializes in the production of cabinet doors, drawers, wood ornaments and solid wood mouldings for interior design, with the highest quality. Part of the strategy is to ensure that the wide range of wood types from the large stock can be processed quickly and efficiently into high-precision dimensional pieces. Therefore, the production systems must allow a quick changeover and easily adapt to large or small batch production. The company is highly successful with this strategy and thus has continuously invested in WEINIG's state-of-the-art technology.

From left to right: Detlev Huber, Managing Director Production, and Sven Niedermüller, Product Manager Raimann, in front of the new VarioSplit 900 with a note of thanks to Ivan Schrok from Hiland Wood Products for more than 20 years of excellent cooperation with Raimann Holzoptimierung.

The former WACO BKS Saw was mechanically and electrically overhauled by Raimann after 2015. During LIGNA 2019, the band re-saw was first presented under its new name VarioSplit 900.

Product Manager Sven Niedermüller is proud of the market success the VarioSplit 900 bandsaw has produced thus far. "I am particularly pleased that since 2020 we have been able to inspire our customers in North America with the VarioSplit 900 which embodies the technology and innovation that is synonymous with The WEINIG Group. Both the machines’ high performance at our customers’ production sites and the great commitment of our representatives across the globe contribute to this. It is encouraging and gratifying that the added value of the VarioSplit 900 is so quickly realized once introduced to the production floor, this oftentimes leads to additional inquiries and orders of more band saws.

In Hiland Wood Products’ case the newly developed increased width fence was added to the machine. The increased width fence allows processing large workpieces with high precision. In addition, the increased width fence has a modular design and can be swiveled. That means that it can be easily extended at the infeed side and outfeed side, and therefore makes it easy to rip long material. The VarioSplit is also capable of splitting material into 3mm wide pieces, which is beneficial for many shops that have thin cut applications.

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